Electric Vehicle Charging Station

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We offer the most advanced, fully featured charging systems available.

EVSE chargers supply electric energy to recharge electric vehicles. There are three levels of electric vehicle charging devices:

Level 1 Charger: comes standard with most electric vehicles and is plugged into any normal three-prong outlet. It charges vehicle batteries very slowly.

Level 2 Charger: this more advanced EVSE charger requires its own dedicated 240-volt circuit, charges much faster, and requires professional installation.

Level 3 Charger: this is the standalone device you see at public charging stations. It can add 160 miles of driving range to an EV’s batteries in about half an hour. If you own or work at an industrial building, it is possible to have a Level 3 charger installed.

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Regulated electrical current: optimal current is provided and falls within the maximum current the car can handle
Safety lock-out feature: prevents current from flowing when the charger isn’t connected to a car
Simple and convenient operation: just plug the connector into the charger
Designed, engineered and installed to keep you, your electric car and your home safe during the recharging process