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Bobby Beats

I come to you today to share a story of our experience related to HVAC. I am quite a handy guy and typically can troubleshoot any kind of issue that may occur with my system however this particular time I needed an experienced individual to troubleshoot as I didn’t have the necessary equipment and I was just baffled. I contacted a competitor who shall remain nameless, spent two hours troubleshooting the system and could not find anything. The end result was potentially a cracked heating exchanger. Given my system is 18 years old it just is not cost-effective to replace the heat exchanger, rather replace the unit altogether. While I felt the individual was knowledgeable and he did spend quite a bit of time, I just wasn’t quite entirely convinced. I reached out to Howard from Overlook Electric for some advice. He squeezed in some time for me on Saturday because as I was explaining what occurred, he himself was not convinced either. He arrived at my house, plopped a bucket on the ground and took one small tube off. He inspected the tube gently, then pulled out a small wire and stuck it into the inducer motor and pulled out a very small amount of debris. He plugged the tube back in and the turned the system back up. Amazing! A simple two minute job with a small wire resolved the issue and cleared all fault codes including lockout(s). Howard is a magician! Seriously! He not only fixed the issue but saved me a boat load of money!

Howard is very sharp! He is on point with everything you throw at him, whether it be electric, HVAC and even construction. If you want a very dependable, very honest person to look after you, he is absolutely your guy. I will not call anyone else from this point forward!

Chris Sytsma

Thanks to Howard Shapiro for coming out on a Sunday to install some new fixtures and swap out some bulbs to LED. Great work at a fair price.

Melissa Wisner-Felch

We had a power outage this morning thanks to a downed tree. But our newly installed generator from Overlook Consulting works like a charm! Thanks to Howard Shapiro!

Nicole Hakans Skrek

Howard is the best!

Antonella Valotta DaSilva

Howard is wonderful! We highly recommend him!

Heather Perchick Ginsburg

Just had Howard over to install a home surge protector. Not taking any chances again! He checked out any damage and was very friendly! He gave his recommendations and advice for power strips too. We had two surge protectors blow up. Thankfully he saved the day!

Chris Parisi

Howard just installed a generator for me. First time I had an electrician come to my house and I was very pleased. Very knowledgeable guy and the price was more than fair. Didn’t know he also does HVAC work…he’s a great resource for our community.

Susan Hollander

Howard Shapiro from Overlook has done all of our work for us. He is licensed and insured but above all honest and fair. Give him a call!